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  • We are the exclusive brand owner of VIIcode, hereby authorize Shanghai Qia Yan Trading Co., Ltd. as the General Distributor for the China region.

  • As the General Distributor, Shanghai Qia Yan Trading Co., Ltd. is granted the exclusive right to promote, distribute, and sell VIIcode products within the territory of China. They are authorized to act on behalf of VIIcode in all matters related to the sales, marketing, and distribution of our products in China.

  • We have full confidence in Shanghai Qia Yan Trading Co., Ltd.'s capabilities and expertise in the skincare industry, and we believe that their dedication and efforts will contribute to the growth and success of VIIcode in the Chinese market.

  • We kindly request all concerned parties to recognize and respect this official authorization. Any unauthorized distribution, sale, or use of VIIcode products within China will be considered a violation of our brand's rights and may lead to legal action.

  • For any inquiries or business-related matters regarding VIIcode products in China, please feel free to contact Shanghai Qia Yan Trading Co., Ltd. at the following address:

    Shanghai Qia Yan Trading Co., Ltd.
    [Address] 139 Xuanqiu Road, Building 4026, Room - , Xuanqiao Town, Pudong New District, Shanghai, China.
    [Contact Information] +86 400 606 2139
  • We look forward to a successful and prosperous partnership with Shanghai Qia Yan Trading Co., Ltd. in establishing VIIcode as a leading skincare brand in the Chinese market.

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