These individually wrapped gentle oxygen eye masks are designed for continuous 8 hour use overnight.  They contain a natural, alcohol-free, non-irritating formula and are completely safe to use.  Each mask is infused with a potent blend of nourishing ingredients that work hard to reduce dark circles and puffiness so you wake up looking youthful, refreshed and well-rested.


  • Grapeseed Oil: Extremely rich in vitamins and essential fatty acids, this ingredient performs well in clinical anti-wrinkle trials.  Additionally, it is rich in OPC, these are flavonoids that banish free radicals while promoting the restoration of collagen at a cellular level.  The end result is signs of skin damage is visibly minimized and skin looks and feels firmer.
  • Seaweed: This ingredient helps the skin fight free radicals produced from chemical exposure, radiation, food metabolic activities and sun exposure.  Seaweed also helps to normalize hydration levels in the skin cells which in turn prevents the signs of aging, protecting against new wrinkle formation.
  • White Tea: Helps the body to stay hydrated so encouraging longer moisture retention for the skin. Combined with potent anti-aging compounds, it is excellent at aiding the prevention of fine lines and wrinkles.
  • Start by cleansing your face.
  • Peel off the eye mask outer packaging.
  • Stick each eye pad to the under eye area.
  • Go to sleep! You can also wear these while you are awake and carry on with your routine.
  • For real results, use 2 to 3 times a week.
  • For optimum results, use three boxes of eye masks to deliver a full course of treatment.


1 Box of O2M Oxygen Eye Masks for banishing dark circles (6 treatments/box)


  • Helps to eliminate dark circles and puffiness effectively
  • Skin looks visibly brighter with a more even complexion
  • Minimizes signs of aging and skin damage
  • Skin feels firmer and more hydrated


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  1. Delivery
    Easy to use and works!
    The oxygen eye mask is great for improving elasticity, hydration, dark circles, and texture under the eye - more dramatic results than just applying an under eye cream. I noticed a difference after my first use. I have yet to wear them while I sleep. I spend long evenings on my computer at home and just wear them while I'm awake - even while cleaning house. They're comfortable, cool & soothing, and I can still wear my glasses with them on. I like the length of the strip. It also covers the sides of my nose - which needs a little TLC as well. They are easy to apply. You just pull off the backing and stick them on your face and lightly press once. Amazingly, they stay on very well!


  2. Soothing to they eyes
    This is a nice set of oxygen eye masks. They come individually packaged and come in a nice quality box. These are very soothing to the eyes. Looking forward to continuing to use these.


  3. These SO HELP my tired eyes!
    I love, love, love these eye masks!! It feels so good! My favorite part is the smell. It isn't a strong smell but I kept breathing in so I could smell it. It's a very spa-like scent. The little eye masks are gel like feeling. Almost like the window clings you can get at holidays but these are wet with the solution or liquid part. It feels cool when you first put them on. Unlike other masks that are paper like, these actually stay put so you don't have to look up or lay down the whole time. The packaging says to try them in the refrigerator. I'm going to do that tonight. It felt so good just straight from the box, I can't imagine how good it will feel colder.


  4. Must try for puffy eyes!!!
    These really do take the puffiness out of my eyes and make me look younger!! I LOVE them!!!


  5. Dark cirlces are lighter
    Since having kids, I haven't slept too great. I end up with a wandering mind, or kids waking me up when I finally fall asleep. I tried these out to combat the dark circles under my eyes. After a few uses I have noticed a difference - they are lighter and less swollen.


  6. Soft under eyes
    My order shipped on time and I'm glad because i couldnt wait to try them!

    They come in individually packaged bags with 2 patches in each. There's a plastic casing that holds some of the liquid and the patches. You just place the two patches under your eyes and leave them on for about 8 hours (I leave it as long as I can) and i usually like to take the liquid and dab as much as I can onto it.

    I did this two nights in a row, and the next morning the skin under my eyes felt SOOOO moisturized! My dark circles weren't as dark anymore and the skin there felt pretty smooth.

    This is a great addition for a home spa night!


  7. Woke up like this
    I work long hours and it shows under my eyes. These have been a life saver. I wash my face then towel dry, after I put these under eye patches on for a night. They noticeably reduce the bags under my eyes. Can't wait to reorder.


  8. Try It!
    Get relaxed and put these under your eyes as they go to work and you can take some time for some refreshing relaxation. What a good way to help make yourself look a little younger and less stressed. Life is hard on us and this is an easy way to help reduce the damage.


  9. These masks are truly a Godsend.
    Seriously you have to try these. I am 52 years old and like most women have tried all kinds of eye creams and masks. These masks are truly a Godsend. I will definitely purchase again.


  10. I'd say that's a winner.
    I am especially happy right now because someone just told me how young I look, so I am giving partial credit to these things. The eyes are the giveaway for age, so they need to be protected and maintained. This stuff seems to do the job because I am 33 and someone did not think I was old enough to be drinking. I'd say that's a winner.



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