• Boosts blood circulation and smooth wrinkles around tired eyes
  • Deliver antioxidant carotenoids like alpha-carotene, zeaxanthin and lutein which helps to maintain glowing, younger skin
  • Reduce dry flaking and restore suppleness
  • Protect skin from ultraviolet light
  • Boost collagen for better elasticity and firmness


Formulated to banish under-eye circles, wrinkles and other signs of age, this prized formula—developed by famed Dr. Byrn Victor for Napoleon’s Josephine more than 255 years ago—is now available to women of all ages. Using a highly effective "T2" stone mortar extraction process, T2 OXYGEN EYE CREAM O2.5 revolutionizes conventional skin care with breakthrough self-healing energy that instantly activates the skin's natural repair system.


  • The product applies wonderfully, and absorbs quickly while leaving the skin around my eyes instantly feeling moisturized and plump (youthful). The skin around my eyes is also no longer dry or scaly feeling/looking. My eyes definitely look a lot more youthful and a lot less droopy too.
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  • The results are almost instantaneous; I could see my eye areas look more refreshed and radiant as soon as the product sank in. I also noticed my concealer goes on smoothly on top of this eye cream and there was no creasing. Win!
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  • I like that it is lightweight and sinks in really quickly. I have noticed that it helps my eye makeup and concealer last longer without creasing.
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