Active Oxygen Plant Extract EOPE-II

VIIcode utilizes a variety of active ingredients, combines ideal botanicals with remarkable active ingredients through repeated research and screening to effectively strengthen the skin and bring it back to a firm, beautiful state.

Nature's Essence, Artistic Beauty The Marvelous Transformation of Active Oxygen Plant Extracts

EOPE-Ⅱ is a plant essence that harnesses the power of active oxygen components. It is capable of diminishing any signs of ageing, eliminating fine lines and restoring the underlying structure of the skin.

With the use of EOPE-Ⅱ, time seems to be suspended. Its core ingeredients are made of rare plants and mineral pigments sourced from islands and the Amazon, pigments that are brought to us from the depths of the universe, imbued with the dimension of time and granting us a timeless glow.

Exploring the Anti-Aging Secrets of Plants, the Art of Renewing Youthful Glow.

VIIcode is fascinated by the anti-aging potential of plants. They firmly believe that these high-quality rare plants can be transformed into skincare ingredients with rejuvenating effects.

To achieve this goal, VIIcode is committed to advancing this scientific research and creating unique formulas beyond imagination. They have finally found a way to unlock the power of pigments and launched the concentrated oxygenated plant extract EOPE-II. Since then, VIIcode has been continuously introducing skincare formulas and improving the O2.5 series, bringing ultimate rejuvenation and renewal.

The plant extract Vadaniya not only possesses a colorful dyeing ability but also has a strong antioxidant effect, making any skin tone and paper tone vibrant and divine. This rare ingredient is of inestimable value and even difficult for royalty to obtain.

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