The "T2" stone mill extraction process involves ancient ice-cellar temperature-controlled fermentation.

The special stone mortar contains a large amount of trace elements that are essential to the human body. In order to effectively preserve the active ingredients of the plants, each plant is transferred to a unique preservation device after being hand-picked. Through testing, the trace elements are ensured to reach a certain level.

The "T2" stone mill extraction process

The manually harvested rare tropical rainforest plants from the Amazon and globally scarce oxygen-resistant plants are fermented in ancient ice cave stone mills at a constant temperature, achieving unexpected beauty effects on the skin.

The mystery of T2 reproduces the youthful state of the skin. Professional and comprehensive customized care.

VIIcode T2 contains the mysterious energy of the Amazon, exclusive active ingredients, and stone-milled fermentation. It works in conjunction with the precise anti-aging effects of the concentrated oxygenated plant essence, providing professional and comprehensive customized care for the delicate skin around the eyes.

Inheritance of craftsmanship, manual extraction.

VIIcode's exquisite extraction process is a result of the craftsmanship of the Byrne Victor family, a renowned family in the field of eye care. Mr. Victor's spirit of philanthropy and generations of pursuit of beauty have contributed to the heritage of eye skin care.

The exquisite ingredients of "luxury customization" multiple effects

The laboratory's core pursuit is to constantly strive for excellence in customized product development. Each product update is highly anticipated, and the latest formulas are developed around the "active oxygen plant extract essence" to ensure that these ingredients are preserved and can provide better repairing effects.

Precious energy

The carefully crafts precious active ingredients to ensure their robust energy and oxygen activity is preserved. Due to the various ingredients, true handmade blending is required, resembling exquisite and delicate "luxury customization".

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